“Your Kaizen Coach” Coaching Program: Questions, Structure and Investment

What is coaching?

To coach means the following:

  • To Train
  • To Guide
  • To Direct
  • To Teach
  • To Push
  • To Steer
  • To Observe
  • To Assist With Success

Just as sport teams have coaches to guide them towards victory and success, individuals and companies have discovered they can also benefit from this same type of partnership.

A business and life coach will listen to your goals, and dreams. Together you will design a plan, if you don’t already have one, which will help you achieve your objectives. If you already have a plan, your coach will review it with you to make sure you feel it is a solid and feasible plan propelling you where you want to be in business or life in general. A coach will listen, observe, challenge and guide you, sometimes offering advice or an opinion but the ultimate decision is up to you on how you work and achieve your plan.

Why do people hire a business or life coach?

Every individual and business has their own personal reason for hiring a coach, following are the most typical reasons:             

  • To achieve Business or Professional Goals
  • To achieve Personal Goals
  • To achieve Financial Goals
  • To achieve Fitness or well-being Goals
  • To achieve Spiritual Goals

 How will coaching benefit you?

Coaching offers many benefits:

  • Enhances your life or environment
  • Provides a clear roadmap with goals and strategies to ensure your success
  • Provides answers to a cluttered life or work environment
  • Improves your self-esteem
  • Gives you control of your business or personal destiny

What you will find is as you focus on one area the others will come into play as well

What does the coaching process entail?

The coaching process and program varies from coach to coach. We structure ours in Phases. Below is the process we use:               


The first hour is spent completing writing exercises, followed by discussion of what is revealed. This gives us an idea of your concerns, fears and how to establish the next part of this phase, which is setting your goals. The second hour will be spent setting goals and a strategic plan based on what was discovered during the first hour.


This is where you perform the bulk of the coaching program work. Based on what is discussed in phase I, such as what goals have been established and how much of a self-starter you are, this is where you determine how often you want to have contact with your coach during the action (work) phase of your program. This is where you will implement the action-steps and strategies created to achieve your goals.

The One-hour Monthly Series are as follows:

  • (4) Sessions
  • (8) Sessions
  • (12) Sessions
  • (24) Sessions
  • (48) Sessions

* For optimum results it is recommended that meetings take place twice a month

* Each one-hour package should be completed as follows:

  • (4) Sessions: within 2 month
  • (8) Sessions: within 4 months
  • (12) Sessions: within 6 months
  • (24) Sessions: within 12 months
  • (48) Sessions: within 24 months

* An initial 2-month commitment is required, this is the only way we will see measurable results

 The 20-minute “Golden Nugget” Monthly Series are as follows:

  • (4) Sessions
  • (8) Sessions
  • (12) Sessions
  • (24) Sessions
  • (48) Sessions

 The “Golden nugget” sessions are not part of the hourly coaching series. They are to be used for input, advice or brainstorming sessions. All “Golden nugget” sessions are to be conducted via phone or video conferencing.


Re-cap of the discovery process-examine where you are now compared to where you were in the discovery phase.

 Re-cap monthly sessions-were all goals accomplished if so outstanding, if not what needs to happen to achieve the goals if they are still important to you?

Discuss what will happen for you as a result of completing the coaching process. How will you take the revelations and continue to realize your dreams, and goals? How will you share your accomplishments with others?

Please note:

  • Phases I is a prerequisite for the package coaching sessions
  • Phase III is not a prerequisite, but is highly recommended
  • Individual coaching sessions may be purchased at the one hour established investment
  • (See Plan C below)
  • Full payment for the coaching series is due with the signed agreement. If you need installment payment arrangements we can arrange it with a credit card on a recurring basis. A 5% monthly fee will be charged for installment plans
  • A 10% discount is provided for non-profit organization staff- (501 c3 document must be provided)
  • Sessions may be conducted via phone, video conferencing or in-person (if in the Dallas metroplex area). In-person sessions may be arranged for clients outside of the Dallas area at the client’s expense

Following are our plans with investment structures:

Plan A (phases I through III)-discovery/monthly/recap sessions

To benefit from the entire coaching process, as described earlier, your investment would range from $2,700.00-$19,260.00 the variance being the number of monthly sessions selected.

 Plan B (phase I only)-2 hour discovery session

This plan is good for you if you’re a self-starter, and feel you don’t need follow-up sessions to monitor your progress of the plan established during the discovery phase. We will design a plan together, and you will execute it on your own.

Plan C (phase II only)-monthly session

This plan is for you if you already have goals and strategies established but need some ongoing encouragement, and coaching to move forward with your plan. The discovery process is not needed.

  • One hour session available
  • VIP Day: A full day all about you. We will roll up our sleeves and work on your plan together for an entire day. This could also mean having one of my resources join us to execute your plan.

Plan D (retainer plan)

This plan is available to individuals, organizations or companies who would like an unlimited number of hours | sessions of coaching on a pre-determined basis. The investment for this plan is based upon your long-term needs and objectives.

How do I pay for your coaching services?

Payment may be made as follows:

  • Company or Personal Checks (payable to Kaizen Endeavors, Inc.)
  • Money orders (payable to Kaizen Endeavors, Inc.)
  • Paypal account (credit cards and bank drafts)
  • Credit cards (please furnish your number with signed agreement for processing. Credit card form will be provided)

Thank you for your time and consideration. We hope to COLLABORATE with you to CREATE the plan you desire to positively IMPACT your business, your clients and your life!

For more information on a specific plan, pricing, or to schedule a 30 minute call with Lisa, send an email to: lisa@yourkaizencoach.com

Ms. Lisa M. Randolph, CEO

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