Lisa’s 4P- Success Recipe: For those hungry for something more in life!

  IMG_1138       Do you find yourself at a “crossroad” in life right now? Hungry for more then what you have right now be it at work, or in your personal life? I have something to help satisfy your craving, try my 4P-Success Recipe.

I have many philosophies and principles I strive to live by to make my life more fulfilling. I truly believe that life is too precious and fleeting to simply exist, to not live your passions and dreams on a daily basis. I believe that an individual can incorporate their true passion(s) with their career if they really map out a strategy following the 4-P Success Recipe of:

  1. Passion
  2. Planning
  3. Prayer (Faith)
  4. Perseverance.

I believe that each ingredient is vital to success.

You can have the most wonderful career or job but if you don’t have Passion for what you are doing you will never be fulfilled.

You can have an abundance of Passion for what you are doing but if you don’t have a solid Plan (Roadmap) to guide that Passion you will find yourself lost, frustrated and not achieving a thing.

I believe Planning and Passion must co-exist for success to manifest in our lives. However, remember these two actions must be nurtured with Prayer (Faith) and Perseverance. There will be times when your plan is not falling into place the way you want it to or as fast as you desire. There will be times when you might not reach one of the goals you set for yourself by its due date.

This is why it is important to connect to God (your higher power) on a daily basis with Prayer and keep the faith that if you continue to do your part, Persevere, and work your plan you will be blessed with fulfillment and success in the end.

You are in an empowering place “A Crossroads”, so decide which path you are going to take…do you want to “truly live” or “exist”? If you choose to “truly live” roll up your sleeves, and serve yourself a serving of 4-P Success soup. Decide what you are passionate about, and put a plan together to pursue that dream. Don’t forget the “prayer (faith)” and “perseverance”.

If you feel overwhelmed, just remember I’m here and we can work through the recipe together to get you to the dream, or vision you have been craving.

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