“Trying to establish, run, or grow a business without a plan is like getting in the car to drive to Clovis, New Mexico without a mapped out plan….you will get lost!”

-Lisa M. Randolph, Your Kaizen Coach






If you already have a business, and feel lost, are you ready to roll-up your sleeves and get busy creating your “Holistic Roadmap” to success? Maybe you are at a crossroads with your current job, you actually hate it, and feel like you are ready to “Run Your Own Show” but don’t quite know where to start.

Both of these positions, are great places to be. You see, being at a crossroads usually forces people to take a different path, in order to get different results. You have finally reached the fork of “I’m tired, of being sick and tired!”

The reason we create a “Holistic Roadmap” is because business in not just about “BUSINESS”, it encompasses every aspect of your life. If your personal life and health are out of balance you will not be able to do what you need in order to accomplish what you want. It is a must that every part of your life starts to align for your ultimate success.

“Wheel of Life”

Holistic Health


  • Business Coaching (for individuals and groups)
  • Business Concept Development
  • Business Consulting (SOPs, employee development, leadership training | workshops)
  • Goal Setting & Strategic Planning
  • Mission & Vision Statement Planning
  • Strategic Retreats and Seminars for Businesses and Non-Profits
  • Public Speaking (keynote and conferences)
  • Leadership and Entrepreneurship Skills Development For Girls

I look forward to building a trusting partnership with you based on mutual respect, and assist your journey to make consistent, persistent, meaningful improvement happen in your business!

The first step is to download my FREE 7-step video training The KAIZEN “YOU” Formula To Business Success. This is the formula I created based on what has kept me focused and on the track for 20 years with my company. I hope it helps you as you continue, or start your journey.

Until the next time here’s to your Holistic Wealth, Health & Success!

Blessed Regards,

Lisa M. Randolph, aka: Your Kaizen Coach


I COLLABORATE with individuals and companies ready to CREATE a “Holistic Roadmap” to positively IMPACT their community, clients, and the world.

We all have our Unique Drum Beat in life…..let’s work together to create yours~LR